Developing confidence as you plan for retirement.

Making the decision to retire can be both exciting and confusing. After dedicating years of your life to your profession along with the assurance you will have the resources to live your preferred lifestyle, dates must be set and the paperwork much be completed. Numerous questions arise with a bottom line question: “How much money will I have in retirement? As an exclusive member of RBI Select, it is our goal to help you develop confidence in your retirement plan and have peace of mind as you move forward into retirement. Our goal with RBI Select is to help you obtain answers to your retirement questions and more.

  • How much money will I have in retirement?

  • When can I retire?

  • At what age do I start taking Social Security?

  • What retirement and tax strategy should I have?

  • What debt do I need to pay off before I retire?

  • And other key questions unique to your retirement needs.

This unique membership site contains valuable and informative resources for federal employees. Explore a whole new realm of information as you make your long term or immediate plans for retirement.

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